October 1st, 2006

Borat and the Boston Tea Party

Hello, Здраствуйте:

My name iz Borat, I am a reporter фром the Republic of Kazakhstan. I am starting this blog to learn more about the event know as the Boston Tea Party. When I decided to write this, my sister Natalya asked me, wy I was so interested in the Tea Парти. Of коурсе one does not have to be a genius to figure it out. Tea is the favorite drink of the Kazakh people. But we do not drink it like the Americans. We drink it from saucers called kasirs (this is a different topic). And of course we like to party ze discotheque.

So, on my last visit to America you know I was trying to find something common between our two cultures (культуры). And I first thought of chickens. Yes chickens, like а bird. But somehow not many of my new American friends shared my enthusiasm for domestic birds or even animals. No even when I told them about my pig, back in Kazakhstan. His name was Igor, but this is also another story...

And then I learned about the Boston Tea Party which many Americans believe to have started the revolution (not the Soviet Revolution though...).

Here I am Borat Sagdiyev starting my quest to learn everything there is to learn about the Boston Tea Party.